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John Bono, Christian Attorney
Personal Injury Cases • Auto Accidents

Bono Law Firm has over 36 years of experience of aggressive and passionate legal representation. We fight for personal injury victims and handle a wide range of real estate and corporate law cases.
Personal injury requires personal attention, and we approach each case in a prompt, personalized way. We come to you at home or in the hospital, and offer free legal consultations to review your case. NO Recovery = NO Fee. We are Christian Attorneys.

The team of Bono Law Firm has enabled thousands of clients to recover millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts. Equally important, we have given comfort and peace of mind to our clients with the knowledge they are well represented. All pain and suffering offers are scrutinized with the clients for fairness using comparable appellate court cases. Below are the claims that we primarily handle:

Neck, Back and Head Injuries
The Bono Law Firm represents individuals who have suffered traumatic brain injury. We have been representing innocent victims for many years in the state of Louisiana. Unfortunately, thousands of individuals every year are victims of trauma to the neck, back and head. With neck, back or head injury, the impairments are obvious and profound. They can result in the inability to move, weakness or abnormalities as well as loss of sensation, coordination or intellectual capacity. If you or someone you love has been the victim of a trauma like this, Call the Bono Law Firm today!

Wrongful Death
After the loss of a loved one, the last thing the family wants to think about is taking legal action. But in many cases, prompt action is required to investigate the circumstances and to preserve evidence. Waiting to retain legal counsel can be damaging to any future claims. Money damages can be paid for such items as loss of earnings, support, love and affection, medical expenses, and pain and suffering prior to the time of death among others. Call us today to learn more.

Premises Liability
This category of claims includes such matters as inadequate security, but by far the most common claim is the "Slip and Fall" type of injury. The law in this field is very much on the side of the property owner. The burden is on the injured person to prove that the property owner either caused the dangerous condition or knew about it before the fall and took no action to warn the injured person. This can be a difficult burden to meet. An immediate investigation is usually important, and it is extremely helpful to get the names of any witnesses. Photographs of the site of the fall are often key to a successful claim. Our firm has handled hundreds of premises liability cases over the years, of just about every type you could imagine.

Uninsured Motorist
Auto collisions can range from merely annoying to completely disastrous for families. The Bono Law Firm has represented clients in thousands of automobile collisions over the years. We understand what should and should not be done in these cases. If you have been injured in an automobile collision, call us for a free consultation today. We relieve our clients of the difficult decisions regarding insurance and investigative matters and let the clients concentrate on just getting well.

We have handled many claims for clients who were struck by a vehicle as they were crossing or standing near a roadway. These claims often involve very serious injuries, and they can be difficult to prosecute successfully because jurors are inclined to find in favor of the motorist. Call The Bono Law Firm today. We will be glad to discuss these matters with you.

Collisions between a large truck and an automobile many times involve significant property damage and serious injuries or even death. Sometimes in truck collisions, the insurance company will deny a claim for no reason other than to protect the driving record of the truck driver. Truckers must follow specific State and Federal regulations. It is important to retain a law firm that understands these regulations.  A prompt and thorough investigation into the truck driver's driving record and the condition of his tractor-trailer rig are essential. At the Bono Law Firm, we have handled many cases involving truckers and 18-wheelers. If you are involved in a trucking accident, it is extremely important to contact an attorney as soon as possible, because the trucking company will have their investigators on the scene immediately, looking for evidence that may assist their side of the case. You need someone on your side before the evidence is gone. Call the Bono Law Firm Today!

Children’s Injuries
Every day in the United States children are injured in a variety of accidents that cause many severe injuries. Many of these injuries could have been avoided if a responsible adult was properly supervising these children or if other safety measures had been taken. Unfortunately, negligence is a common factor that leads up to children’s injuries. The Bono Law Firm has represented many families whose children have been injured due to negligence. If your child has been injured in an accident please call us today.

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