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3308 Cleary Avenue
Metairie, 70002

Committed To Your Health
~ Michael Casso

Several years ago, I opened Casso's Wellness Store & Gym in Metairie, Louisiana. The store combined the presence of professional healthcare providers, educated in areas of nutrition, disease management counseling and skin care, with professional grade products and an abundance of qualified, researched information. We are now able to take our skills and products to the world, through our new website.

Some Of Our Most Popular Products Include:

BioDelivery Multi-Vitamin
A daily multi-vitamin regiment (120 count)

BioDelivery Multi-Mineral
This daily multi-mineral regiment contains a broad range of minerals needed for good health (120 count)

Rx Vitamins' Testost-Rx
A natural androgen support formula designed to promote healthy testosterone levels.

Rx Vitamins' Arth-9
A scientifically designed formula that provides essential nutrients for bone, joint, ligament and cartilage function.

Metagenics Ultra Flora Plus
A patented probiotic formula that helps maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora and has broad intestinal, digestive, and immune system support functions.

Some Of Our Most Popular Services Include:

The Qi-5 - An Entire Wellness System!
Assessing the stressors of your body can help to design a wellness program to treat these stressors without harmful side effects to other areas of your body.  This 3D Body Imaging Program identifies deficiencies (including osteoporosis) in your body and how to naturally address them. The Qi-5 body balance software quickly and accurately identifies the energetic stressors, biomarkers and imbalances in the different body systems. The Qi-5 Balance system provides a multi-tiered approach for addressing specific imbalances, distortions and stressors as well as which specific support the body needs to get back into balance.

The Photo-Genius!
First featured in 2009 at the World Congress of Anti-Aging, the Photo Genius utilizes Energy Infrared Technology, indirectly producing nitric oxide in the body.

A Skeptical Look at the Photon Genius and Its Marketing | Quackwatch

Aura PTL II Low Level Laser Clinical Program!
The PTL has over 130,000 frequencies, put into 80+ integrated programs, including the most sought-after Sensitivity protocol, which allows the body to respond appropriately to things like pollens, foods, and animal allergies that plague so many people.


The 3D Body Scan!
Our 3D analyzer is noninvasive, not a X-ray and not a MRI. It can show advanced warning signs of major and minor health problems in many major organs. Just like you do preventative maintenance on your vehicle, this is preventative maintenance on your body.




Casso's Cream!

Our store also carries our own line of Casso's Cream, a broad spectrum anti-bacterial cream, which is highly effective in the treatment of primary and secondary bacterial infections of the skin. These uses include wounds, rashes, and even sore nipples due to breast-feeding.

Water Ionizer!
The Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Water Ionizer allows you to filter, purify and custom vary the pH balance of your water to produce Alkaline Water which is high in antioxidants and ideal for healthy drinking water.

Casso's Wellness Also Offers Pharmacy Counseling Services!
There is a significant lack of communicating the PROPER information to patients about medications and combined methods of obtaining optimal health. Surveys show that the only time that people think seriously about their health and mortality is when they are at the doctor's office or the pharmacy counter. Yet, so often patients leave these places without true knowledge about their conditions and medications, what effects to expect the medications to cause them, what potential for interactions between other medications or diet and nutritional supplements.
Although medications come with detailed drug information and you can learn about them in publications, the information includes terminology you need a Ph.D. to understand. Most people simply want to know what the medication will do, what the possible short and long-term effects of the medication may be on their body and what can they do, as a patient, to remain healthy while they are taking the medication…and when will they be healthy enough to not be on the medication. Good pharmacy counseling services solve this problem.

About our Website: Integrating Counseling in Traditional and Complementary Medicine
Our website contains information about a great deal of health conditions and methods of affecting them through dietary, nutritional and complementary approaches. We do not believe in "alternative" medicine. We believe in smart approaches to integrating traditional and complementary medicines! We utilize pharmacy and nutritional science to back our counseling services, rather than provide you with anecdotal information you might receive from other Internet sites. Our goal is to expose you to information that will help you make safe and beneficial choices as you take charge of your health situations.
Each section within the website is information created as answers to questions my patients and customers have asked over the past few years. I carefully maintain the latest information about nutritional products, services and considerations regarding each of the health conditions addressed. I welcome more questions and have created links on each page so that you can ask questions or seek additional counsel from me. If you are in the New Orleans area, stop by Casso's Wellness Store & Gym in Metairie (click on the map below) or give us a call at 504-888-3077. If you are out of the area, you are welcome to fill out the contact information and ask any question you are interested in learning about. For personal questions, please feel free to contact us by telephone.
You can also see many of the nutrition supplements that are available through the store here.
I want to thank you in advance for spending time on this page. It is through easily digested information that we learn to take charge of our health.

Please make an appointment today and start on the road to better health for you and your family!

Contact Information
Phone: 504-888-3077