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As Louisiana’s next top law enforcement officer, Representative John Stefanski’s top priority is fighting back against the rise in violent crime. Violent crime has grown to epidemic levels the state has never seen, and it’s hurting our communities. Violent criminals don't fear consequences - that changes when John Stefanski is elected as the next Attorney General. Representative Stefanski’s experience working in both the legal and legislative field has allowed him to understand the complexities of both state and local government, and prepared him to defend our families as Louisiana's next top law enforcement officer.

Defending Louisiana Families means more than just fighting violent crime. It means defending Louisiana families from federal and state overreach. It means defending Louisiana families from corrupt politicians. It means defending life and liberty. It means defending our way of life by any means necessary.

For the past several years, the Representative from House District 42 has had the opportunity of being entrusted with representing the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office, Assessor’s Office and Clerk’s Office as their attorney on civil matters. John understands the unique and complex relationship between local government, law enforcement and our communities.

During John’s service in the legislature, he served as the Chairman of the House and Governmental Affairs Committee – and was a lead defender of Louisiana’s State Constitution during redistricting.

Under John’s leadership, the Louisiana House created what is expected to be the first republican supermajority in the State House. In addition to expanding our majority in Louisiana, under John’s leadership the House was on the forefront of protecting the state’s conservative federal delegation to protect the rights of Louisianans in Washington, D.C.

In the upcoming State Legislative session, Representative John Stefanski has authored the toughest legislation in the nation that will update Louisiana law to take violent criminals and Fentanyl off the streets. This means safer and more prosperous Louisiana.



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Election Day: October 14, 2023

Early Voting: Sept. 30-Oct. 7, 2023 


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